We understand that the current situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) is causing uncertainty and anxiety for our customers with a holiday booked in the coming weeks and months. The situation is changing daily; these are unprecedented times, so please bear with us as we work through what this means for everyone affected.

There may be a delay in our response due to the high volume we are experiencing as we try to prioritise those arriving soonest, Please refrain from calling during this busy period and instead email us, please include your booking reference number if you have one, we will be able to help you more swiftly.  Thank you

On 23rd March 2020, the government issued the instruction that everyone must stay at home. We want to support our customers and we will do everything we can with our owners to enable customers to transfer bookings to a later date. 


I Have A Holiday Scheduled BEFORE the 4th July? 

Please see our special amendment policy for terms that apply, Rest assured we are working our way through any bookings that are affected by the Government restrictions, this takes time, if we haven't been in contact with you yet we are working on it !


Our Holiday Balance Is Due Shortly, What Do We Do?

We have changed balance due dates from 49 days prior to arrival to 31 days with immediate effect for bookings with an arrival date before 20th July 2020. This should enable us to work through all holidays in date of commencement order as priorty to those due to arrive soonest that maybe affected and helping those waiting for payments from the Government that are experiencing cash flow difficulties. Note; You must pay off the total cost of your holiday by the balance due date. If your payment doesn't reach us in time, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday.


I have a booking with you and due to arrive ON OR AFTER the 4th July, what do I do?  

At this stage, your holiday is still available to you and we will be in touch should the government provide any updates that would affect your holiday. Balance payments are due as normal unless we inform you otherwise. 


What If The Government Extended Restrictions Past the 4th July?

In the event the Government extend restrictions and we are unable to provide you with your holiday we will provide you with the option to postpone or cancel and provide a cash refund. Your booking is held under our money back guarantee subject to all contractual obligations being met.


What If I Wish To Cancel My Current Booking?

You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether you would be covered for cancelling your holiday, We have made some changes to our terms and conditions to provide extra flexibility at this time, Email us at to discuss the available options to you and we shall do our best to help as much as we can under the circumstances. 

- Please include your booking reference number if you have one, we will be able to help you more swiftly.  Thank you


I Wish To Place A New Booking, What Are Your Terms?

Bookings made after 16/03/2020 

Our deposit has been lowered for all new bookings to 20% - Balance due 4 weeks prior to arrival for new holidays taken in 2020.

We are due to re-open on the 4th July and awaiting further advice from the Government. If you plan to book a holiday with an arrival date between July and September - please contact us for details on our NEW FLEXI-BOOK option.

Bookings with an arrival date after September 1st 2020 - Booking options are available

Bookings with an arrival date after January 2021 standard booking Terms and Conditions apply.


Arrival and Departure Times

Our arrival and departure times are subject to alteration to provide adequate preparation time of the properties, we know you will be fully supportive of this decision to help limit the spread of the virus. Thank you 


What If Our Family Is In Isolation?

You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether this would be covered.  Sorry, We are unable to make exceptions to our T&Cs in light that a family is in isolation.


What Happens If I or One Of My Group Feels Unwell During My Holiday With You?

If you or a member of your group show symptoms that could be related to coronavirus you must follow the standard NHS guidance found at: . In addition, please contact us or your property manager and we will be able to assist you.


Can You Guarantee The Property Has Been Appropriately Cleaned?
We cannot guarantee properties are free from infection, however, each of our property managers have been notified directly with the latest Government Protocols to help minimise risk and will continue to be maintained to a high standard.



 Latest Revision 22/05/2020